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Paper and HDPE Cores

Paper cores are strong cardboard tubes or cylinders which are used in fabric, adhesive, electrical, paper product and converting industries as a sturdy base around which to wind materials for storage or distribution. Some very popular everyday household cores would include toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, gift wrap and tape and label cores, carpet rolls, spools of wire, rope and cords.

Al Tamam manufactures both Hard Board and HDPE core pipes for Geo, Textile and Flexible Packaging Solution. We develop and supply tailor-made solutions for the special needs of the flexible packaging and plastic film industries, paying particular attention to smoothness, strength and cleanliness.

The right solution for every customer, whether a producer of industrial films, films for the food industry, printed films, Geo Textiles, Al Tamam's production facilities are designed to cope with requirements such as large diameters and wall thicknesses, and high strength characteristics. Dimensional properties are assured by stabilizing the humidity of the cores. The wool felt surface helps protect the material wound on cores, thus maximizing our customers' profitability.