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Quality Policy

Several tests are carried out in Al Tamam Laboratories to ensure the compliance of the products to quality standards :

(§) Pressure Test is done to ensure that pipes are manufactured according to Saudi standard (14/151996) (675/1997) German Standard 8061 and American Standard ASTM D1785. Pressure varies depending on size and purpose of use.

(*) Impact test is subjecting pipes to a strikers weight, which is increased proportionately to pipe diameter.

Lab Testing Facilities

Al Tamam Factory for PVC Pipe and Fittings has state-of-the-art-equipments installed at the laboratory which is driven by well-qualified engineers since we view about high quality and advanced product range, and believe in supplying only superior quality products aimed at satisfying domestic and international customers.

We test our materials and products according to various national and international standards

Name of the test Test Method Value Unit
Stress TestSASO 15/1998No Balloon, No Burst, No Weep
@20°C for 1 Hour and @60°C for 1000 Hours
Impact TestSASO 15/1998No Crack, No Split-
Opacity TestSASO 1177/1997<0.2%
Extrusion Test (Methyl Chloride)SASO 15/1998No Attack (20 min)-
Heat ReversionSASO 15/1998No Delamination, No Crack, No Blister-
Water AbsorptionSASO 1179/1997<40g/m2
Sulphuric Acid ResistanceSASO 15/19980.316 (Increases) @ 55°C
0.013 (Decreases) @ 55°C
g/14 days
Toxic Matters TestSASO 15/1998Pb (1st Extraction) <1
Pb (3rd Extraction) <0.3
Sn (3rd Extraction) <0.02
Ba,Cd,Zn (3rd Extraction) <0.01
DensityASTMD-7921.40 - 1.50g/cm3
Tensile StrengthASTMD-6387500psi
HardnessASTMD-224080±3shore "D"
Vicat Safening PointASTMD-1525>80@5 Kgf°C
Heat DeflectionASTMD-64878@264psi°C

Technical Standards Reference

  • SASO - Saudi Arabian Standards Organization
    SASO 14 Pipes for Potable Water of Unplasticized Plastic (uPVC)
    SASO 15 Method of Testing of Pipes for Potable Water of Unplasticized Plastic (uPVC)
    DIN-8061 & 8062 German Standards

  • ASTM - American Standards for Testing and Materials
    ASTM D 256 Impact Resistance of Plastics and Electrical Insulating Materials
    ASTM Standards ASTM D-1785 for Schedules 40 & 80
    ASTM D2241 (SDRS), ASTM F 441.

  • UL - Underwriters Laboratories Inc
    UL 651 Schedule 40 and 80 PVC Conduits
    NEMA TC-2, TC-6 AND TC-8
    Electrical Plastic Tubing (EPT) and Conduit (EPC-40 AND EPC-80)
Pressure Graph
Manufacturing Process Flow